Senior Software Engineer

Anywhere | Tech | Full-time | Allows remote


Avaaz reaches tens of millions of citizens every week with opportunities to change the world. This includes protecting our planet from climate change and other threats, fighting to stop social media from undermining our democracies, and deepening human connection. 

Our tech needs are growing, and we’re now looking for senior software engineers to join our tight-knit group of outstanding professionals, working from home in 25 countries. If you’re up for an adventure, read on…

Some of the things we’ve been working on are...

  • A system for citizens to report disinformation ahead of the EU and US elections
  • Reporting on how YouTube’s recommendation algorithm promotes climate denial
  • Connecting citizens stuck at home during the coronavirus pandemic
  • Providing our campaigns team with detailed statistics to measure campaign success
  • Porting our existing architecture to more flexible, containerized services


As a Senior Software Engineer you will…

  • Create tech that empowers Avaaz to make an impact in the world
  • Generate ideas and see them through to delivery
  • Be a steward of our engineering culture
  • Share knowledge through mentoring, documentation, and training
  • Architect systems that are reliable, scalable, and maintainable
  • Protect and secure the data of our members
  • Write code to power our applications, APIs, and infrastructure
  • Write tests, not too many, mostly integration
  • Continuously improve our build and deployment automation
  • Work across our tech, campaigns, and operations teams


You should apply for this role if you have…

  • A growth mindset and a desire to challenge yourself
  • Mission orientation and a deep commitment to making an impact in the world
  • Built complex applications, with examples to back it up
  • Written both server side and client side code, and move between them effortlessly
  • Deployed applications using cloud platforms including AWS and GCP
  • Knowledge of application security challenges and best practices
  • Tenacity when it comes to debugging and troubleshooting
  • Fluency in English


About Avaaz

Avaaz is a movement that brings together 55 million citizens from across the world, with a mission to help solve some of the world’s biggest problems. Its entire budget comes from small citizen donations, meaning Avaaz is independent and able to take on organisations such as Facebook, Monsanto and the Murdoch media which many other groups cannot. 


Avaaz is a fully virtual organisation, coordinating work using email, Skype and other tools. Our staff are based all over the world. Applicants from any timezone may apply. Avaaz will support you to set up a home or co-working environment that leads to excellence in delivery and long-term sustainability.

Compensation and Benefits

Compensation varies with location and experience, but is highly competitive with leading nongovernmental organisations. Benefits also range with location, but include 5 weeks paid vacation per year (prorated as applicable).